Product promotion videos are the new thing, and quickly becoming a necessity for any business. Videos allow users to find important information without having to read or navigate. The use of video on a website ultimately increases traffic and conversions helping businesses grow, and that’s a fact.

On average, visitors to websites would simply rather watch something than read something. A product promotion video can save users time because they don’t have to navigate around a website to find the company or product information that they are looking for. In about a minute and a half, a fun, upbeat video can be the deciding factor between a new client or just another visitor that did not convert.
When Madwire Media, a Colorado web design firm, added a company video to their website, they saw a 500% increase in conversions.

“Our amount of leads from the traffic we were driving to our site increases by about 500%. Just that one video saved users the time of looking through our site. It gave the message to them in about a minute and a half; it was real quick, upbeat and cheery…that’s all they needed”, said JB Kellogg, COO of Madwire Media

Company videos allow users to get the information they need in a very short amount of time. Fast, upbeat and cheery videos can do wonders for a website and are proven to increase traffic and sales. Videos are not just for eCommerce stores either. Businesses of all kinds can put video to good use.
A new eCommerce store recently decided to invest in a short online video to put on their website.

“Since we are new to the eCcomerce industry, we figured that we could use all of the help that we could get. We are hoping that a short video describing our business helps instill confidence in our customers. Hopefully having a video on our site will help us get to the levels that we are trying to achieve”, said Sean Nolte of Sprinkler Mall

There are many different types of videos that companies can utilize to accomplish their goals: custom company videos, sales videos, demo videos, customer videos, viral videos, illustrative videos, product videos, and the list goes on. Hiring a professional product video production company will ensure that your video is top notch.

“As a company we decided to produce an online video for our business because people today are in “real time.” People are on their smartphones gathering information as it happens! We are always “plugged in” to mass media”, said Trenton Scott of Scott Family Chiropractic

“It has been said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ I say, a video is worth a lot more! That is if it is done well, with accurate information and delivered with speed. Your video is a ‘Call to action’ for people to emotionally connect with your company culture. Let them know who you are and what you are about. You can do this in thirty seconds to a minute.”

Regardless of what type of video is utilised, it is sure to help businesses of any kind succeed, and in these hard economic times, success is something that everyone is wishing for.